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The kookoolon upholstery is soft, pleasant and pampering, which every baby will enjoy cuddling in. The original illustrations on the upholstery are painted in clean, calm lines, and printed on quality fabrics made from 100% organic cotton.


- Ideal also for taking the baby out of the hospital, wrapped in a car seat.

- Suitable for a stroller.

- Recommended in both winter and summer (especially in air-conditioned places).


- Made of quality fabric consisting of 100% organic cotton.

- Universal and suitable for any accessory with straps (cell phone, stroller, trampoline, etc.).

- Can be used as an upholstery, a blanket and a blanket and everything - in one product.

- Easy and very convenient to use.

- The openings in the upholstery are intended to simplify its use - there is no longer a need to open the straps and adjust them each time the upholstery is placed.

- clings to the cart or to the cart and thus does not drag, get dirty or get lost on the way.

Kookoolon products undergo quality testing, sometimes there are products with minor flaws, or ones that just have not passed the "perfect product" strainer for us and are therefore in this category. Each of the products in this category is a single product. The defect is specifically specified. The sale of products in this category is final, there is no replacement or return option.

Gray Swaddle - slightly damaged - Scratch marks of Scotch

Only 1 left in stock
  • Dimensions - 117 * 103 cm

    The kookoolon blanket is made on one side of a soft organic cotton fabric with illustrations of forest animals and on the other side - a warm potter fabric adapted for the Israeli winter.

    Washing instructions - 30 degrees in gentle wash, drying in shade.

    Designed and manufactured in


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