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מארזים ליולדת

Hi, my name is Mali,


I am married to Shachar and mother of 4 young men.

Our Kookoolon was born together with the children.

As I became a mom, I was looking for a way to continue to preserve and wrap the children as naturally as possible, and so our brand came into the world. 


I chose the softest, natural, organic, and high-quality fabrics. The products I designed, are the ones I needed for my own kids, with the perfect size - not too big, not too small.  The colors I chose for the products are the ones that give a sense of calm and tranquility when they are at rest, as opposed to the 'visual noise' of the toys around them while they are awake and active.

As a family that travels a lot I wanted to continue swaddling the kids while we are on the road yet maintain the high level of safety required to keep the child secured in its safety seat - thus the swaddle blanket came to life - with an accurate position to the safety straps so that the baby is secured while being swaddled on the road.  Along with the swaddling blanket, we started to offer complimentary items - that together have become a family of products.

All our products are made from 100% organic cotton.  The fabrics are soft, natural, and caressing. The lines are clean and aesthetic.  The print is inspired by Origami - the art of paper folding.  We have snails, owls, squirrels, butterflies, mushrooms, and koala bears.  The shapes are geometric, and we love our soft shades that are pleasant and soothing.

You are welcome to enjoy our products and also to delight friends and friends with wonderful gifts from us.

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