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The set includes a swaddle and a basic leotard with our hipster owl figure (size 0-6).

The kookoolon swaddle is a pleasant and pampering soft, which every baby will enjoy cuddling in. The original illustrations on the upholstery are painted in clean, calm and pleasing lines, and printed on quality fabrics made of 100% organic cotton. Uses are also ideal for taking the baby out of the hospital, wrapped in the car seat. Suitable for a stroller. Recommended in both winter and summer (especially in air-conditioned places). The swaddle is made of quality fabric consisting of 100% organic cotton. Universal and suitable for any accessory with straps (car seat, stroller, trampoline, etc.). Can be used as a swaddle and a blanket and everything - in one product. Easy and very convenient to use. The swaddle's openings are designed to simplify its use - there is no longer a need to open the straps and readjust them each time the upholstery is placed. Clings to the cart or wagon and thus does not drag, get dirty or get lost on the way.

You can combine different colors for each item in the package.

Maternity set - swaddle and leotard

Travel Swaddling Blanket
  • Measurements:

    Winter swaddle - 103*117 cm

    Basic leotard - size 0-6


    Washing instructions - 30 degrees in gentle wash, drying in shade.


    Designed and manufactured in Israel.

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